Our passion

Creating value through the enhancement of multifamily communities.
Sares Regis Multifamily Funds transform underperforming multifamily properties into thriving communities and successful real estate investments.
About SRG

The SRG Difference

We spend the majority of our lives in two key places – home and work. These building environments have an effect on our customers’ ability to lead their lives and operate their businesses in a way that suits them. We aim for all our projects to enhance the lives of those who live and work in them.

SRG Residential

Quality of Life and
Value Built In

We have lived and worked where we build, own and manage.  SRG Residential creates building environments and customer experiences that create lasting value.

SRG Commercial

Core and Value-Added Commercial Properties

From industrial warehouses and manufacturing spaces built to maximize efficiency and productivity to R&D facilities that house the talent and technology of life-changing work, we build with purpose from the inside and out.

SRG Careers

Our Competitive Advantage

Our talent-rich team has specialized knowledge perfect for every project we take on. We are a capability-led organization that prides itself on the quality and talents of its people and we’re always looking for new team members.

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