Sares Regis Raises $300 Million for Value-Add Multifamily Fund Focused on the Western United States

September 7, 2016

Irvine and San Mateo, California

On August 19, 2016, the Sares-Regis Multifamily Value-Add Fund II (the “Fund”) held a final close, having raised over $300 million in total equity commitments. Utilizing leverage, the Fund will seek to acquire approximately $850 million of assets in its target markets.

“We are very pleased to have exceeded our target raise of $250 million, bringing together a number of repeat investors from our first fund with several new top tier institutional investors,” said Ken Gladstein, the Fund’s President. Investors in the Fund include insurance companies, public pension funds, wealth managers and other institutional investors from the United States, Europe and Asia. “The focused strategy of the fund allows for immediate deployment of investor capital to take advantage of numerous value-add acquisition opportunities in our pipeline,” he added.

Sares-Regis (“SR”) formed the Fund to capitalize on attractive multifamily fundamentals in the Western United States, as well as the potential to create value via the renovation and repositioning of well-located Class-B properties by leveraging SR’s vertical operating capabilities. The Fund targets assets in Northern and Southern California and the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, Denver and Phoenix.

To date, the Fund has acquired three assets that, in aggregate, represent approximately 20% of the Fund’s total commitments. The Fund’s first two investments are in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the third is in San Diego. A fourth investment in Denver is expected to close in the next few weeks. “The fund has a focused, well-defined, value-add strategy to purchase, manage, reposition, aggressively operate and sell high-quality multifamily assets in major western U.S. markets,” said Bill Montgomery, the Fund’s Chief Investment Officer. “SR’s skill as an investor, manager, developer and contractor, provides experience and depth in every stage of the value-add process as well as economies of scale that will benefit investor returns,” he added.

About Sares Regis and Sares Regis Multifamily Funds

As a leading western U.S. real estate investor and developer founded in 1993, Sares Regis manages a portfolio of over 17,500 units for its partners and investor clients. With the Sares Regis Multifamily Fund series, which launched in 2013, Sares Regis has allocated over $400 million of equity across 23 Class B multifamily assets with a total capitalization over $1.1 billion in its target markets in the Western United States. For further information on the Sares Regis multifamily fund platform, visit:

Sares Regis Raises $300 Million for Value-Add Multifamily Fund Focused on 
the Western United States
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